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What type of test measures whether some observed value is similar to the population statistic, or if the difference between the observed value and the population statistic is large enough that it isn't likely to be by coincidence. Significance test (419 points)
P-value (353 points)
Critical value (158 points)
Z score (155 points)
Moore’s Law relates to how many transistors can be put on a computer chip True (606 points)
False (423 points)
Order these amounts of information from smallest to largest kilobyte,megabyte,gigabyte,terabyte,petabyte,exabyte,zetabyte,yottabyte (848 points)
A voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information. Small Data (32 points)
Meta Data (205 points)
Statistical Data (119 points)
Big Data (1082 points)
Leading analyst firm Gartner defines Big Data from three aspects, all starting with the letter V. Which of these are not a part of their consideration of big data? Value (399 points)
Volume (243 points)
Velocity (738 points)
How many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? 35 (48 points)
60 (281 points)
100 (846 points)
How many Exabytes of data is the Large Hadron Collider capable of producing in just one day 10 Exabytes (205 points)
100 Exabytes (544 points)
500 Exabytes (467 points)
What decade did formal "artificial intelligence" research begin? 1950s (378 points)
1970s (291 points)
1960s (344 points)
How much did Google pay for artificial intelligence firm DeepMind? $275 million (127 points)
$750 million (495 points)
$400 million (399 points)
In 2016, who won the game of Go between world champion Lee Sedol and DeepMind's AlphaGo computer? Lee Sedol (180 points)
AlphaGo (837 points)
According to a study conducted by IBM, what is the largest single source where data is gathered? Email (107 points)
Social Media (580 points)
Business Transactions (91 points)
Log Data (289 points)
SAAS stands for? System Aerosurface Actuator Simulation (233 points)
Systems as a Service (203 points)
Software acting as Service (272 points)
Software as a Service (772 points)
Which of the following is/are correct types of data? Semi-structured Data (1038 points)
Unstructured Data (995 points)
Semi Data (268 points)
The branch of data mining concerned with the prediction of future probabilities and trends. In-memory Analytics (20 points)
Predictive Analytics (657 points)
Behavioral Analytics (131 points)
Big Data Analytics (375 points)
Does Big Data analytics pose a threat to privacy? Yes (435 points)
No (46 points)
Only if the access to data is not controlled and accepted by users (436 points)
Big Data analytics has nothing to do with privacy (147 points)
Which of the following industries use Big Data analytics extensively? Check all that apply. Finance and banking (844 points)
Retail and healthcare (670 points)
E-commerce and social media (987 points)
By "Concept Drift" Data Scientists refer to what? A change in the respose the model used by analytics should provide (555 points)
A change in the model adopted by analytics (554 points)
A change in the users interacting with analytics (364 points)
Data Streams require models supporting? Discontinuity (272 points)
Incremental updates (529 points)
Data consistency (936 points)
The acronym of the CAP theorem stands for Composition Availability Price (181 points)
Consistency Availability Partition tollerance (318 points)
Consistency Availability Performance (1033 points)
By lambda architecture Data Engineers refer to A data-processing architecture designed to handle massive quantities of data by taking advantage of elastic engines (329 points)
A data-processing architecture designed to handle massive quantities of data by taking advantage of Spark and Hadoop (233 points)
A data-processing architecture designed to handle massive quantities of data by taking advantage of both batch- and stream-processing methods (882 points)
According to Asimov’s three laws, under what circumstances is it all right for a robot to injure a human being? Never. (915 points)
When the human being specifically requests it. (118 points)
In case of an accident. (60 points)
In case the robot controller is infected with a computer virus. (56 points)
A robot car or truck can best keep itself traveling down a specific lane of traffic by means of: Stereoscopic machine hearing. (71 points)
Epipolar navigation. (190 points)
Edge detection. (451 points)
Proximity sensing. (423 points)
The total number of ways in which a robot arm can move is known as Functional orientation. (163 points)
Degrees of freedom. (605 points)
Dimensional versatility. (355 points)
Coordinate geometry. (104 points)
Where did Hadoop get its name? It’s an acronym (550 points)
Toy elephant (325 points)
An imaginary friend (188 points)
A fictional character from literature (326 points)
What is Artificial Intelligence? Logical Reasoning (66 points)
Knowledge Representation (37 points)
Natural Language Processing (20 points)
All of the above and much more (924 points)
The Internet of Things is improving every day, but what percentage of devices were found to contain a security vulnerability? 15% (39 points)
30% (149 points)
50% (131 points)
70% (476 points)
E90% (417 points)
What does the “https://” at the beginning of a URL denote, as opposed to "http://" (without the “s”)? That the site has special high definition (17 points)
That information entered into the site is encrypted (807 points)
That the site is the newest version available (25 points)
That the site is not accessible to certain computers (51 points)
None of the above (320 points)
Not sure (119 points)
Which of the following is an example of a “phishing” attack? Sending someone an email that contains a malicious link that is disguised to look like an email from someone the person knows (114 points)
Creating a fake website that looks nearly identical to a real website in order to trick users into entering their login information (294 points)
Sending someone a text message that contains a malicious link that is disguised to look like a notification that the person has won a contest (42 points)
All of the above (673 points)
Not sure (24 points)
A group of computers that is networked together and used by hackers to steal information is called a … Botnet (839 points)
Rootkit (155 points)
DDoS (143 points)
Operating system (37 points)
Not sure (72 points)
Some websites and online services use a security process called two-step authentication. Which of the following images is an example of two-step authentication? IMAGES to select: (23 points)
(252 points)

(112 points)

(94 points)

(57 points)

(34 points)

None of these (252 points)
Not sure (105 points)
Which of the following four passwords is the most secure? Boat123 (16 points)
WTh!5Z (921 points)
into*48 (34 points)
123456 (8 points)
Not sure (33 points)
Criminals access someone’s computer and encrypt the user’s personal files and data. The user is unable to access this data unless they pay the criminals to decrypt the files. This practice is called … Botnet (33 points)
Ransomware (719 points)
Driving (23 points)
Spam (21 points)
None of the above (167 points)
Not sure (33 points)
“Private browsing” is a feature in many internet browsers that lets users access web pages without any information (like browsing history) being stored by the browser. Can internet service providers see the online activities of their subscribers when those subscribers are using private browsing? Yes (815 points)
No (110 points)
Not sure (82 points)
Turning off the GPS function of your smartphone prevents any tracking of your phone’s location. True (97 points)
False (838 points)
Not sure (102 points)
If a public Wi-Fi network (such as in an airport or café) requires a password to access, is it generally safe to use that network for sensitive activities such as online banking? Yes, it is safe (104 points)
No, it is not safe (1442 points)
Not sure (132 points)
What kind of cybersecurity risks can be minimized by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? Use of insecure Wi-Fi networks (488 points)
Key-logging (110 points)
De-anonymization by network operators (400 points)
Phishing attacks (104 points)
Not sure (56 points)
What is a computer network? super computer owned only by the government (3 points)
web of connected computers or devices (892 points)
A computer vulnerability (13 points)
An Internet service provider (42 points)
All of the above (52 points)
Why are cyber vulnerabilities unlikely to ever go away? They’re protected in a secret base on the moon. (12 points)
Criminals need them to steal identities. (83 points)
They are side effects of the freedom and ease of communicating online. (1005 points)
The government won’t allow people to fix them. (42 points)
The size and complexity of networks grew enormously when: Only governments and universities owned computers (11 points)
Spamware caused some computers to break down (56 points)
The number of personal computers greatly increased (834 points)
The hacktivists started using the internet (51 points)
Which of these groups exploits cyber vulnerabilities? Criminals (734 points)
Governments (542 points)
Hacktivists (904 points)
Which of the following may try to intercept and use your messages for their own purposes? News outlets (326 points)
Governments (620 points)
Advertising agencies (839 points)
Crime rings (748 points)
Why do hackers hack? To make discoveries (62 points)
To protect information (23 points)
To steal information (380 points)
To expose corruption (37 points)
All of the above (1216 points)
When a company posts a privacy policy, it ensures that the company keeps confidential all the information it collects on users True (568 points)
False (1011 points)
In 2013, researchers showed that, in theory, a small amount of data on a person’s movements is enough to uniquely identify them in an anonymized mobile phone metadata set. How many locations and times are needed to identify someone? Two (368 points)
Four (727 points)
Seven (455 points)
Ten (60 points)
Many implanted medical devices, like pacemakers, are now wirelessly accessible, making them a new focus of privacy concerns. Which prominent figure dramatized the risk that an implanted device could be hacked? Former Vice President Dick Cheney (454 points)
Homeland’s fictional Vice President William Walden (667 points)
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (101 points)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel (178 points)
How much information is required to mathematically capture the unique features of your face? 256 gigabytes (an entire computer hard drive) (198 points)
256 megabytes (a big movie file) (329 points)
256 kilobytes (a small image file) (643 points)
256 bits (a single sentence) (436 points)
Sites visible in the EU are required by law to display a privacy policy on their website. True (940 points)
False (76 points)
If a company has a privacy policy on its website it should no share my personal information infringing it. True (686 points)
False (500 points)
If I give a company my email address and they contact me via email, the email must contain: A subject line that accurately reflects the content of the message. (653 points)
A valid physical postal address for the company (533 points)
A clear and conspicuous way to opt out of future emails. (1117 points)
How many wireless connected devices will there be by 2020? Less than 10 million (19 points)
11-20 billion (168 points)
21-30 billion (276 points)
31-40 billion (238 points)
40+ billion (483 points)
How much will the Internet of Things be worth by 2020? $1-2 trillion (53 points)
$2-4 trillion (110 points)
$4-6 trillion (211 points)
$6-8 trillion (311 points)
$8-10 trilion (303 points)
The Internet of Things will run on many communication standards. Which of these is not a standard body or protocol? Zigbee (159 points)
AllSeen (167 points)
Open Interconnect Consortium (241 points)
Tyrell (350 points)
Thread (470 points)
How many connected cars will be on our roads by 2020? < 50 million (338 points)
51-100 million (305 points)
101-150 million (158 points)
>150 million (221 points)
What does reasearch suggest that people value most when buying a new car? Power and handling (174 points)
Colour (130 points)
Engine size (46 points)
Free added extras (205 points)
In-car technology (419 points)
What do start-ups think is the most important aspect of a successful wearable product? price (60 points)
Connectivity (448 points)
Features (221 points)
Design (248 points)
Third-party apps (169 points)
Machine-to-Machine devices will connect many industrial processes to networks for the first time thanks to Embedded SIMs. How many will be in use by 2020? < 10 million (102 points)
10-15 billion (271 points)
15-20 billion (268 points)
20+ billion (345 points)
People love paying with contactless cards, and are increasingly able to use their mobiles to pay too. 0.5% of people around the world paid with their smartphone at least once a month last year. In 2015 this will increase: 2x (90 points)
4x (258 points)
6x (218 points)
8x (178 points)
10x (422 points)
How many usernames and passwords does the average person have? 10 (464 points)
15 (328 points)
20 (211 points)
25 (130 points)
30 (75 points)
The Apple iPhone was first released in what year? 2005 (367 points)
2007 (704 points)
2009 (157 points)
2011 (27 points)
"Net Neutrality” refers to The posting of a website that are non partisan (67 points)
The way Wikipedia editors handle new entries (38 points)
Equal treatment of digital content by Internet providers (1240 points)
What year does futurist Ray Kurzweil believe AI will meet adult human intelligence? 2029 (772 points)
2024 (367 points)
2082 (271 points)
What is the difference between Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality In AR the user interects with the real world enriched with virtual features while in MR the user interacts with virtual elements. (1192 points)
MR is only a feature of video games (189 points)
In AR "Occlusion" is important because: It adds perspective to the environment (288 points)
It allows viewing virtual elements in space (352 points)
It alloes to hide virtual elements behind real ones (692 points)
What is IoT built on? Cloud computing (93 points)
A network of data- gathering sensors (437 points)
Both (813 points)
Who said this? "The internet will disappear. There will be so many IP addresses, so many devices, sensors… that it will be part of your presence all the time. Imagine you walk into a room and you are interacting with the things going on in there." Mark Zuckerberg (134 points)
Bill Gates (223 points)
Steve Jobs (283 points)
Eric Schmidt (381 points)
Which challenge comes under securing the information in IoT networks? Signaling (116 points)
Security (492 points)
Presence detection (212 points)
Power consumption (113 points)
The huge numbers of devices connected to the Internet of things have to communicate automatically, not via humans. What is this called? Machine to Machine (M2M) (679 points)
Bot to Bot (B2B) (244 points)
Skynet (61 points)
Intercloud (133 points)
TRUE or FALSE: Seals have been connected to the Internet of Things? True (622 points)
False (338 points)
Groningen, Netherlands has Internet-enabled dustbins. What benefit does this provide? The bins can report vandals (136 points)
The bins can ask to be emptied (806 points)
The bins sort recyclable materials (219 points)
Some companies refer to the IoT as the IoE. What does it mean? Internet of Ethernet (139 points)
Internet of Everything (1132 points)
Internet of Enterprise (166 points)
Internet of Elegance (15 points)
Why did the City of London ask a recycling firm to stop a test project using connected recycling bins? There were fears of radio-wave exposure (137 points)
The bins were tracking people's smartphones (653 points)
The bins used too much electricity (205 points)
Security expert Eugene Kaspersky calls the IoT what? The Internet of Totality (199 points)
The Internet of Threats (888 points)
The Internet of Teams (32 points)
The Internet of Time (63 points)
What is the size of the IPv6 addressed? 32 bits (112 points)
64 bits (434 points)
128 bits (525 points)
256 bits (379 points)
Who invented the term Internet of Things? Tim Berners Lee (416 points)
Steve Jobs (329 points)
Kevin Ashton (484 points)
Glenn Mecaughty (241 points)
One of these is a new social network used by hundreds of millions of teenagers and valued at $1bn. The other four do not exist. Which one is real? (483 points)
BantsBible. (31 points)
VidVote. (86 points)
BullyME. (75 points)
#SingSong. (60 points)
A giraffe in a New York zoo became a YouTube sensation when the birth of her fourth calf was watched by 30 million people. Why did YouTube cut the livestream midway through? Soothing birthing music was playing in the background and the zoo didn’t have the rights. (205 points)
The zoo hadn’t paid for a premium YouTube account. (67 points)
The calf appeared to breech and they were worried about upsetting young viewers. (165 points)
There were concerns the stream violated YouTube’s nudity and sexual content policy. (233 points)
Why was Donald Trump’s Twitter account briefly shut down? It was suspended because it was in violation of Twitter's policy on hate speech. (255 points)
It was suspended by a disgruntled, Trump-hating employee on their last day. (283 points)
Trump himself accidentally suspended the account while trying to add #MAGA to his Twitter name. (97 points)
It was suspended because Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he couldn’t live with his conscience if he continued to enable such globally destabilising horror. (60 points)
Jenna Abrams was a Trump-loving “alt-right” internet star who had 70,000 Twitter followers. But what was recently discovered about her? She voted for Hillary Clinton. (150 points)
She was being paid by Steve Bannon for specific pro-Trump tweets. (269 points)
She is suing Trump in court for breach of contract in a real estate deal. (143 points)
She was created by a Russia-based troll farm and doesn’t really exist. (761 points)
In 2017 Twitter increased its limit to 280 characters. Taking advantage of the extra space, very tedious people used Wingdings to play all but one of the following games: Pong. (312 points)
Connect Four. (349 points)
Chess. (330 points)
Tetris. (357 points)
In 2017 this image - - was banned by Facebook because: It showed an image of war (133 points)
It was judged unamerican (33 points)
It infringed copyright (121 points)
It ws in black and white (19 points)
It violated the network's nudity policy (1112 points)
Which of the following is not a social media application? Flickr (108 points)
My Space (81 points)
Linked In (50 points)
All of these (147 points)
None of These (326 points)
You don't have to be an official representative of an organization to create a Facebook page for that organization. True (920 points)
False (357 points)
You can modify your YouTube account so comments must be approved before they are visible. True (1073 points)
False (393 points)
What social networking site has a feature called "Answers" that allows users to ask other members for professional advice? Wikipedia (99 points)
Cha Cha (153 points)
Yahoo (594 points)
Linked In (666 points)
What is the most popular day for tweets? Friday (409 points)
Saturday (133 points)
Sunday (156 points)
Monday (367 points)
Tuesday (121 points)
Translate this emoji sentence: My television is broken. I've been kicking it around like a soccer ball. I should call a repair man later. (50 points)
I'm watching the World Cup. Call me later. (1000 points)
I don't usually watch television until after I browse the Internet, exercise and make my evening phone calls. (112 points)
Can you watch the World Cup and talk later? (112 points)
Translate this emoji sentence: I'm sad because I lost all my money betting on a horse race. (450 points)
I'm sad because I don't have enough money to buy a horse. (60 points)
I refuse to spend money at the horse track. (78 points)
I bet you that horse is not going to win the race. (92 points)
Who is this internet leader? Melissa Meyer (271 points)
Sheryl Sandberg (373 points)
Meg Whitman (173 points)
Arianna Huffington (278 points)
In what year did Facebook launch? 2007 (114 points)
2004 (339 points)
2006 (152 points)
2002 (166 points)
In what year did Twitter launch? 2002 (154 points)
2004 (279 points)
2006 (422 points)
2008 (338 points)
What featured in the most retweeted Twitter image of all time? Grumpy Cat (318 points)
Barak Obama celebrating re-election (82 points)
Ellen's Oscar selfie (288 points)
Someone's lunch (63 points)
Can you permanently erase a social media post from Facebook? True (187 points)
False (501 points)
In news media, the term echo chamber indicates: a situation in which beliefs are amplified or reinforced by communication and repetition inside a closed system as in some social networks (1055 points)
a music listening space online (20 points)
an "acoustic mirror" you able to play the sounds it is exposed to (113 points)
In internet slang a "troll" is: a class of being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore (10 points)
a demon and malignant creature (26 points)
a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people (1226 points)
Let's see how good you are at spotting fake news: is this pic of Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson real or fake?*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto Real (244 points)
Fake (1148 points)
Let's see how good you are at spotting fake news. TRUE OR FALSE: 2014 was one of the deadliest years for plane crashes: 22 accidents resulted in 992 fatalities. This proves that flying is no longer safe. True (138 points)
False (1333 points)
Let's see how good you are at spotting fake news. TRUE OR FALSE: “I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down." True (187 points)
False (1161 points)
What is the proprietary algorithm regulating Instagram users' experience? Edgerank (135 points)
Pagerank (191 points)
Timebased (166 points)
InstaRank (747 points)
Facebook allows to advertise your posts as: CPC (cost per click) (310 points)
CPM (cost per mille impression) (75 points)
Pageviews (300 points)
CPC and CPM (515 points)
What is the "reach" of an online advertising? The number of times the item is uploaded (35 points)
The number of times the item is viewed (280 points)
The number unique users viewing the item (440 points)