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Drones and big data: the next frontier in the fight against wildlife extinction

Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in conservation and ecology research. Drones in particular... Read More


Inside Finland’s plan to become an artificial intelligence powerhouse

Wired says Finland knows it doesn’t have the resources to compete with China or the United States for... Read More


Top Automotive Trends In 2019: A Year Of Wows And Woes

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Beyond CSI: How big data is reshaping the world of forensics

Tune in to the average TV cop show and you’re likely to think crime scene forensics is a solved... Read More


Data: The Fuel Powering AI & Digital Transformation

Forbes says the currency of tomorrow isn’t what you think: It’s not cold hard cash, precious metals, land... Read More


New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators

The Guardianc reports the creators of a revolutionary AI system that can write news stories and works... Read More


Here Technologies to fund a $28 million research institute that applies machine learning to geolocation data

Here Technologies, the company behind the popular mapping and location platform, has revealed that it’s... Read More


A.I. Shows Promise Assisting Physicians

Each year, millions of Americans walk out of a doctor’s office with a misdiagnosis. Physicians... Read More


The A-Z of how artificial intelligence is changing the world

Artificial intelligence can no longer be considered a technology of the future – it is already shaping... Read More


Five Business Intelligence Predictions For 2019

Organizations leverage business intelligence (BI) and analytics to solve business problems and improve... Read More


What IoT Leaders Do To Drive Greater Results

What IoT leaders do to excel and drive greater results compared to their peers is explored in the recent... Read More


Photojournalism in the Age of New Media

An elderly woman kisses a riot soldier in the streets of Cairo. A building collapses in Tokyo. Bloodied... Read More


Integrating Artificial Intelligence for rebooting the future

Financial Express reports although the government’s initiatives on ‘Start-up India’ have not yielded... Read More


Can AI Become Our New Cybersecurity Sheriff?

Two hospitals in Ohio and West Virginia turned patients away due to a ransomware attack that led to... Read More


The Rise of the Robot Reporter

The New York Times says, as reporters and editors find themselves the victims of layoffs at digital publishers... Read More


Three Reasons AI Should Be Your Data Center Co-Pilot

Road trips require a few things. Ample supplies of salty snacks. Tunes you can sing along to. And, most... Read More


Social media: How can governments regulate it?

BBC reports the government is considering ways to regulate social media companies, including Facebook,... Read More


Cybersecurity Starts With Access Control

Humans are often pegged as the weakest link in cybersecurity -- and to a great extent, that’s true.... Read More


Why You Should (Or Should Not) Trust AI

When speaking with corporate and community leaders, Forbes says you always hear the same thing: Artificial... Read More


Auto engineers warn your car might be easier to hack than you think

CNBC says as auto makers roll out ever more sophisticated features to make your daily commute easier,... Read More