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Photojournalism in the Age of New Media

An elderly woman kisses a riot soldier in the streets of Cairo. A building collapses in Tokyo. Bloodied... Read More


Integrating Artificial Intelligence for rebooting the future

Financial Express reports although the government’s initiatives on ‘Start-up India’ have not yielded... Read More


Can AI Become Our New Cybersecurity Sheriff?

Two hospitals in Ohio and West Virginia turned patients away due to a ransomware attack that led to... Read More


The Rise of the Robot Reporter

The New York Times says, as reporters and editors find themselves the victims of layoffs at digital publishers... Read More


Three Reasons AI Should Be Your Data Center Co-Pilot

Road trips require a few things. Ample supplies of salty snacks. Tunes you can sing along to. And, most... Read More


Social media: How can governments regulate it?

BBC reports the government is considering ways to regulate social media companies, including Facebook,... Read More


Cybersecurity Starts With Access Control

Humans are often pegged as the weakest link in cybersecurity -- and to a great extent, that’s true.... Read More


Why You Should (Or Should Not) Trust AI

When speaking with corporate and community leaders, Forbes says you always hear the same thing: Artificial... Read More


Auto engineers warn your car might be easier to hack than you think

CNBC says as auto makers roll out ever more sophisticated features to make your daily commute easier,... Read More


Integrating Artificial Intelligence for rebooting the future

Financial Express reports although the government’s initiatives on ‘Start-up India’ have not yielded... Read More


Making New Drugs With a Dose of Artificial Intelligence

SAN FRANCISCO — You can think of it as a World Cup of biochemical research. Every two years, hundreds... Read More


The Guardian view on crime and algorithms: big data makes bigger problems

Some of the best, or at least sharpest, minds on the planet are devoted to guessing what we might buy... Read More


Wired made it's own Artificial Intelligence art, and so can you

Tom Simonite for Wired wrote: On the  3:13 pm train out of San Jose on a recent Friday, I hunched... Read More


5 Ways To Get Smart On AI

Millions of people are using modern AI every day, even if they don’t know it. It’s in the high-quality... Read More


These Are the 5 Biggest Myths About Big Data

Big data is everywhere. It's one of the hottest topics in business, healthcare, government, you name... Read More


Too few cybersecurity professionals is a gigantic problem for 2019

As the new year begins gaining steam, there is ostensibly a piece of good news on the cyber front. Major... Read More


Making AI More Emotional - Part Two

Algorithms are not known for their emotional intelligence, but in part one of this article Forbes introduced... Read More


Smart Cities That Stick: Building Infrastructure with the End Goal in Mind

The first known use of adhesives dates back to the ancient Neolithic era, where evidence indicates the... Read More


What if things start to think themselves?

Agriculture has undergone wave after wave of innovation since the tractor was invented in the late 1800s.... Read More


Will Artificial Intelligence Soon Tell Us How To Live?

“What people don’t realize is that we are on the verge of a paradigmatic shift in thinking on par... Read More