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Technology can't rescue us from AI-generated fake news

An article for Wired suggests that efforts to tackle the spread of fake photos by harnessing computational... Read More


AI System Sorts News Articles By Whether or Not They Contain Actual Information

Vice reports on a new paper by Google and University of Pennsylvania scientists, which aims to develop... Read More


This advanced simulation engine is like driver’s ed for autonomous cars

The Next Web reports on Cognata, a virtual world simulation currently being exhibited at CES in Las Vegas,... Read More


People don’t trust AI – here’s how we can change that

A piece in The Conversation explains that ordinary people still lack basic knowledge of and trust in... Read More


Competent computers still cannot comprehend

In a piece for the Financial Times, John Thornhill acknowledges the increasing power and technical sophistication... Read More


Why AI is not like your brain – yet

A short explainer in Wired clarifies the current development of AI in relation to the human brain on... Read More


How Artificial Intelligence Can Supercharge Higher Education

A report on the Wall Street Journal explores the potential for higher education to be transformed by... Read More


The Amazing Ways Tesla Is Using Artificial Intelligence And Big Data

An article in Forbes discusses news that Elon Musk's Tesla is working to build its own AI-enabled hardware.... Read More


AI weapons will transform war – and they can’t be stopped

An article in The Next Web runs through the new threats posed by AI deployed as a weapon of war and terrorism.... Read More


The next phase of artificial intelligence will replace inventors

A piece in MarketWatch argues that AI has immense power not only as an invention, but as an inventor... Read More


These are the two books that are helping Xi Jinping understand AI

Quartz profiles two books that are said to be influencing Chinese premiere Xi Jinping's understanding... Read More


Learning with Privacy at Scale

Apple's Differential Privacy Team has released a paper introducing with impressive legibility a new system... Read More


CES 2018: When will AI deliver for humans?

In a round-up of the products on show at CES in Las Vegas, the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones asks what the... Read More


Internet Users in China Expect to Be Tracked. Now, They Want Privacy.

The New York Times reports on a perhaps surprising shift in public opinion among Chinese internet users. Ant... Read More


AI early diagnosis could save heart and cancer patients

The BBC reports on an AI system that will allow the diagnosis of cancer and heart disease from patient's... Read More


How an AI ‘Cat-and-Mouse Game’ Generates Believable Fake Photos

The New York Times reports on recent developments enabling the creation of images that seem authentic... Read More


Microsoft and Adaptive Biotechnologies announce AI partnership

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Adaptive Biotechnologies to combine recent developments in... Read More


CERN Physicist’s Fertility Algorithm Prevents Unwanted Pregnancy With 99.5% Efficacy

Futurism reports that an algorithm developed by a physician at the CERN facility has helped women prevent... Read More


Findings of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence

The UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence has published an overview of its calls... Read More


No need to fear the rise of the machines

An opinion piece in the Times of London trumpets the potential societal benefits of AI, and argues that... Read More