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Tesla Driver Died Using Autopilot, With Hands Off Steering Wheel

Bloomberg adds new insights to the the Tesla Model X crash. The recovered computer logs demonstrated... Read More


Is tricking a robot the same thing as hacking it?

Quartz reports on the research "Adversarial machine learning", that takes advantage of the way AI looks... Read More


How Robotics and Automation Will Affect Labor in the Food System

A Food Tank article describes some projects that are triggering a revolution, transforming the work required... Read More


Artificial Intelligence, the great disruptor

The Aspen institute has just released the second report about the many ways in which AI may or may not... Read More


What’s on Your Mind? Bosses Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Find Out

A Wall Street Journal article reports on AI tools giving companies instant insights from employee surveys.... Read More


Artificial intelligence and sports journalism

Technology and society has published a paper about the recent introduction of automatically produced... Read More


Augmenting the chemist with Big Data and artificial intelligence

A paper published in Drug Discovery Today shows how improving medicinal chemistry by better curating... Read More


How Mayo Clinic Is Combating Information Overload in Critical Care Units

The Harvard Business Review reports that Mayo Clinic, the nation’s second-largest critical-care provider... Read More


The OD Imperative to Add Inclusion to the Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence

The paper published in OD practitioner by Miller, Katz and Gans  reflects on the challenge for practitioners... Read More


Should we fear artificial intelligence?

The European Parliament Think Tank proposes a publication reporting four opinion pieces from different... Read More


Facial recognition technology in one second

Business Insider describes the facial-recognition technology used in China. The technology can perform... Read More


New Google Patent Could Turn Your Bathroom Mirror Into A Medical Device

CB Insights reports on the new trends of big players, like Google and Amazon, who are investing in everyday... Read More


Algorithms and Human Rights: a new study has been published

The Council of Europe published a study identifying a number of human rights concerns triggered by the... Read More


Three reasons junk news spreads so quickly across social media

In Medium, one of the authors of "Why does junk news spread so quickly across social media?" discusses... Read More


IBM is facing allegations of rampant age discrimination

Pro Publica reports that in the past five years alone, IBM has eliminated more than 20,000 American employees... Read More


WEF paper proposes principles to prevent discriminatory outcomes in machine learning

The World Economic Forum (WEF)’s paper proposes a framework based on four guiding principles for developers... Read More


How digital leaders from the BBC and Al Jazeera are planning for the ethics of AI

A Nieman Lab post reports the debate at Al Jazeera’s Future of Media Leaders’ Summit.  AI has already... Read More


Artificial Intelligence and the Need for Data Fairness in the Global South

A post published in Medium by a Research Fellow at Digital Harvard Kennedy School debates the introduction... Read More


A.I. is more powerful than ever. How do we hold it accountable?

The Washington Post article proposes to find programs that can not only think like humans but also explain... Read More


What happens when an algorithm cuts your health care

The real stories told by The Verge explained how an algorithm that has been recently approved in the... Read More