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Integrating Artificial Intelligence for rebooting the future

Financial Express reports although the government’s initiatives on ‘Start-up India’ have not yielded... Read More


Making New Drugs With a Dose of Artificial Intelligence

SAN FRANCISCO — You can think of it as a World Cup of biochemical research. Every two years, hundreds... Read More


The Guardian view on crime and algorithms: big data makes bigger problems

Some of the best, or at least sharpest, minds on the planet are devoted to guessing what we might buy... Read More


Wired made it's own Artificial Intelligence art, and so can you

Tom Simonite for Wired wrote: On the  3:13 pm train out of San Jose on a recent Friday, I hunched... Read More


5 Ways To Get Smart On AI

Millions of people are using modern AI every day, even if they don’t know it. It’s in the high-quality... Read More


These Are the 5 Biggest Myths About Big Data

Big data is everywhere. It's one of the hottest topics in business, healthcare, government, you name... Read More


Too few cybersecurity professionals is a gigantic problem for 2019

As the new year begins gaining steam, there is ostensibly a piece of good news on the cyber front. Major... Read More


Making AI More Emotional - Part Two

Algorithms are not known for their emotional intelligence, but in part one of this article Forbes introduced... Read More


Smart Cities That Stick: Building Infrastructure with the End Goal in Mind

The first known use of adhesives dates back to the ancient Neolithic era, where evidence indicates the... Read More


What if things start to think themselves?

Agriculture has undergone wave after wave of innovation since the tractor was invented in the late 1800s.... Read More


Will Artificial Intelligence Soon Tell Us How To Live?

“What people don’t realize is that we are on the verge of a paradigmatic shift in thinking on par... Read More


Media's Fatal Flaw: Ignoring the Mistakes of Newspapers

Wired reports last week, layoffs at BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Gannett landed like consecutive punches.... Read More


Pepper IoT: Smart devices aren’t so bright when it comes to security

According to Venture Beat, smart devices aren’t very intelligent when it comes to protecting user... Read More


Using 'Big Data' And AI To Understand The Patterns Of Our History And Tell Us About Our Future

One of the driving forces behind much of my work over the past quarter century has been how we can use... Read More


Can we make artificial intelligence ethical?

The Washington Post says too often, we think only about increasing our competitiveness in terms of advancing... Read More


The Geopolitics Of Artificial Intelligence

The algorithmic revolution is here, and nations are losing control of not only their understanding of... Read More


Is Big Tech merging with Big Brother? Kinda looks like it

China’s social rating system, which was announced by the ruling Communist Party in 2014, will soon... Read More


The Astonishing Ways BBVA, Spain's Second-Largest Bank, Uses AI To Transform Itself

When Francisco Gonzalez, who at the time was executive chairman of Spain’s second-largest bank, BBVA,... Read More


Why robots won’t steal all our jobs

Don’t worry. The robots won’t destroy all our jobs. History suggests just the opposite — that new... Read More


How China Is Using “Social Credit Scores” to Reward and Punish Its Citizens

Yi Tingyue has a lot going for her. She won a scholarship to China’s prestigious Sichuan University,... Read More