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The State of AI: Early Adopters Forge New Paths to Cognitive

The Wall Street Journal in collaboration with Deloitte reports companies are growing more sophisticated in their use of AI technologies as they increasingly access cognitive capabilities through enterprise software and the cloud. Many early AI adopters are launching more initiatives and seeing positive returns on their investments. At the same time, they are cognizant of cybersecurity vulnerabilities related to their use of AI and wary of possible legal, regulatory, and ethical risks, according to a Deloitte survey. AI usage is extending in part because organizations are taking advantage of ways to acquire cognitive capabilities beyond building them internally. Fifty-nine percent of respondents are using enterprise software with AI baked right in, and 49 percent are tapping into AI through cloud services. Both options can provide gateways to explore, access, and even widely deploy AI throughout the enterprise with minimal upfront investment and reduced need for in-house development expertise.

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