The AI-Enabled Future

The pace of artificial intelligence continues inexorably forward. Every day we see continued development of new technologies, new applications, and greater investment in AI, machine learning, and the host of cognitive technologies. While we might be able to easily see how some of these technologies will be implemented in the short term, what does the future hold for widespread adoption of AI? - Ron Schmelzer writes to Forbes.   As technology progresses, the nature of work and labor rapidly changes. It is the purpose of technology to eliminate burdensome tasks and improve our daily lives. Technology is meant to increase our productivity, and allow us to live our lives to old age with increasing quality. We have always seen adjustments to the workforce when new technologies become available, especially in the areas of automation and augmentation. It should therefore be no surprise that organizations in industries of all types are looking to AI to change the way that they run their businesses. As such, the adoption of AI will necessarily and unavoidably change the nature of work. This is definitely the case for blue-collar work, which has already seen widespread change with the impact of robotics and automation. Automation has already replaced many positions in the area of manufacturing, but the bigger shift is not on the factory floor, but in the office cubicle. One positive aspect in this area of the AI-enabled organization is the realization that AI is making organizations much more responsive to their customer’s needs and desires. AI is making mass-customization possible for many different industries by leveraging the power of machine learning-enabled hyperpersonalization to tailor their offerings and build solutions customized for each individual customer, patient, client, or citizen. The future is Autonomous AI is empowering the ability for autonomous operation of all types. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is autonomous vehicles, but this is just one specific application of autonomous systems - and not even the best one. In the future, all modes of transportation will become autonomous, and this will bring about a change in the way we think of things like vehicles. We don't really know how soon or in what ways these visions of the AI-enabled future will become a reality, but even the most casual of observers can see that these are inevitable trends. The one thing that is certain is that it’s coming and we’re already heading in that direction. Companies are developing and investing in these technologies now. The future is AI enabled and it’s up to us to figure out what that means for our daily lives.