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The 3 Ways That Artificial Intelligence Will Change Content Marketing

In many ways, artificial intelligence (AI) is already influencing digital marketing in general, and content marketing in particular. But the truth is, there is so much more to come – so many more changes and improvements that AI will surely bring to content marketing. In this blog post, Forbes explores some of these changes in order to try to understand what the future holds – read on to discover the 3 ways that artificial intelligence will change content marketing. One of the ways that AI is already heavily impacting content marketing is with AI marketing assistants – like IBM Watson’s Lucy. Lucy is an incredibly powerful tool that marketers can use for research, segmentation and planning - and it’s so powerful that it can do more in a minute than an entire team of marketers can achieve in months. If AI can analyse this much data and take human-like decisions based on this data – and even arguably better decisions, since a powerful machine can hold so much more knowledge than any human realistically can – can’t it also write the content, maybe just as well or even better than a human can? In the world of journalism, it’s already happened – as far back as 2015. Back then, the Associated Press published a short financial news story: “Apple tops Street IQ forecasts”. The piece could very well have been written by a real human – but if you read until the end, you would see that it was actually “generated” by Automated Insights; in other words, it was written (or generated, if you will) by a so-called “robot journalist”.

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