Open Science against COVID-19: how Zenodo and OpenAIRE support the scientists


Zenodo and OpenAIRE are contributing to the European Commission call for action with what they do best – preserving and sharing all COVID-19-related datasets, software, preprints and other research objects.

CERN, with co-funding from the European Commission, has long invested in Zenodo, a free repository for storing and sharing data, software and other research artefacts. Intended to be used beyond the high-energy physics community, Zenodo taps into CERN’s long-standing tradition and know-how in sharing and preserving scientific knowledge for the benefit of all. It is hosted at CERN and provides the wider scientific community with the option of storing its data in a non-commercial environment and making it freely available to society at large.

With the COVID-19 outbreak necessitating an extraordinary collaborative effort from the scientific community and requiring scientists to act fast in sharing results across disciplines and across borders, Open Science and the tools needed to realise it are more essential and critical than ever.

Consequently, together with OpenAIRE, the Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe, Zenodo responded to the call by the European Commission for synchronised action and collaboration among the important initiatives in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in order to facilitate efforts by scientists worldwide working relentlessly to stop the pandemic.

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