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How The IoT Will Reshape The City Experience

Forbes says that what cities will look like tomorrow greatly depends on what today’s urban leaders, planners, businesses—and of course, residents—are looking for today. Understanding tech for tomorrow's city begins with grasping today's outstanding challenges. A Juniper Research report written in conjunction with Intel contends that creating a more intelligent city begins with self-awareness in areas from air pollution and traffic congestion to overcrowding and pockets of inequality. "Smart cities are those that recognize these challenges and adopt their planning and strategy to address them," the report states. To get an idea of how IoT technology for cities will leap ahead in the next few years, consider this analogy by way of the now ubiquitous iPhone. When unveiled in 2007, it had what was then considered a fairly monstrous storage capacity: 4 GB. The new XS model unveiled in September 2018? It holds up to 512 GB, 128 times more than the original.

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