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How Japan Is Harnessing IoT Technology To Support Its Aging Population

If you’re a diabetes patient in Japan, the gods may be watching over you. The country is struggling with rising numbers of diabetics, but a novel approach to managing Type 2 diabetes mixes a bit of psychology with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, as well as seven lucky gods from Japanese folklore. It’s part of a broader trend in which Japan is deploying cutting-edge technology to grapple with an aging population.

As developed countries around the world cope with demographic changes, Japan is in a position to lead the way. It has a rapidly greying society, a wealth of high-quality health data, and novel approaches to using that data and the latest technology to improve the lives of its citizens. Forbes describes how Japan is rolling out various kinds of IoT devices to help society better deal with aging. For instance, smart tags inserted into shoes and bags can help track dementia patients who repeatedly wander off, while washable UHF tags in hospital bed sheets can alert administrators about when it’s time for disposal.

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