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Google Is Putting More Privacy Controls Directly in Search

Wired reports Google has faced mounting criticism about how it manages your data and lets you control what Google holds. But a new tool that the company says it has been working on for months aims to make it easier for you to understand what data Google collects, and surface the choices you have to control it. "A lot of things with Google start with search; it’s a good test bed where we see a lot of our users," says Eric Miraglia, Google's director of product management in the Privacy and Data Protection Office. "Search is a tool that people depend on for a lot of things as they go through the day, so feeling in command of that is really important. We want this initiative to make the controls and resources a little more visceral and a little more actionable." For search, for example, Google collects data not just on your query, but which links you click, and your location at the time. To review and control that collection you would normally need to navigate the settings pages for your Google Account.? But Your Data will put the relevant controls directly into the main search screens, removing some friction between wanting to know more and acting on it.

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