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Distributed Ledger Technology - Fundamentals You Must Know

What is Distributed Ledger Technology, after all ? If you are interested in understanding exactly what is it, you should have a llok at this article from Code Burst.

Our traditional Ledgers which is the foundation of our accounting system has been present since ages in the form or writing & money. It used various medium like , wooden tally sticks , papyrus & paper, clay which were present much before this computer revolution became a mainstream. Once computers became normalized in the 1980s and ’90s, paper records were digitized, often by manual data entry.

In this 21st Century in an age of internet and now with the new layer of distributed Blockchain network being augmented the transaction of data in the business network has gone borderless. Now every beneficiary in the business networks participates in the marketplace model to transact and own certain value which we call an Asset which becomes the part of the database/ledger, these assets can be anything from tangible to non-tangible.

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