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Artificial Intelligence To Create 58 Million New Jobs By 2022, Says Report

Machines and algorithms in the workplace are expected to create 133 million new roles, but cause 75 million jobs to be displaced by 2022 according to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) called “The Future of Jobs 2018.” This means that the growth of artificial intelligence could create 58 million net new jobs in the next few years. Forbes says, with this net positive job growth, there is expected to be a major shift in quality, location and permanency for the new roles. And companies are expected to expand the use of contractors doing specialized work and utilize remote staffing. Some of the fastest growing job opportunities across all industries include data analysts, software developers and social media specialists. Plus jobs that require “human skills” like sales and marketing, innovation and customer service are also expected to increase in demand. Some of the jobs that are expected to go away include data entry, payroll and certain accounting functions. The WEF is working across multiple industries to design roadmaps to respond to these new opportunities.

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