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Artificial Intelligence Paradox: As Robots Take Over, People Skills Become More Critical

This Forbes article explains how artificial intelligence and machine learning aren't going to wipe out jobs on a wholesale basis anytime soon. But the technologies are going to dramatically transform the tasks associated with many jobs, for both white-collar professional and firstline workers.  In many ways, AI will reduce mundane or repetitive tasks, while also helping to elevate and increase the scope of many jobs. For top-level decision makers and entrepreneurs, success will be defined by their ability to marshal the forces of AI and digital  technologies to realign and build faster and cheaper ways to deliver products and services to customers. For technology professionals, opportunities will abound in building and maintaining these systems. For support-style functions, the future is muddier. There will be a realignment of skills and priorities, and many jobs -- ranging from accountants to HR managers to administrative assistants -- will be recast in ways that are not quite foreseeable today.

Some envision a somewhat bleak picture for the people in the corporate middle.

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