AIoT - Convergence of Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things

Even though the full optimization of AI and the IoT is relatively far away, the two technologies are now being combined across industries in scenarios where problem-solving and information can improve outcomes for all stakeholders. Last such great convergence occurred in the late 1990s as mobile phones and the internet collided to change the course of human history. The convergence of AI and the IoT will bring in a similar revolution on an even grander scale. The ability to capture data through IoT is a large scale evolution that has exploded on the scene over the past five years. These new advancements have been accompanied by new concerns and threats associated with privacy and security. Large volumes of confidential company information and user data are tempting targets for dark web hackers as well as the global government entities. The high level of risk has also brought in newer and more responsibilities that accompany the increased capability. To read the full article, click here