Digital Democracy

Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information and Director of the Digital Ethics Lab, at the Oxford Internet Institute, talks about politics, digital tech, social media, platforms and information pollution.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helga Breitner

Political communication scholars are keenly concerned with the extent to which new media is affecting politics. This question can be explored by examining the current debate over whether the new interactive media are strengthening or undermining politics through the creation of a ‘digital democracy’.

Fabricio Ruiz

The last two decades have witnessed the opening up, through new media, of a new arena for grassroots political debate among individuals from across the political spectrum. This has broken down the boundaries to define the audiences between mass media and new media, and the channels for communication-one to one, one too many then many to many-have both increased the complexity and intensified the proliferation of information.

Sophia Packton

Recent years have witnessed both the critical improvement of new forms of media and their proliferation; from their emergence as the obscure and arcane province of an elite few, they have spread and are now used by millions. Not surprisingly, scholars and experts are increasingly interested in evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of new media technologies for political purposes, and a range of approaches are being employed to investigate the topic.

Aleksandra Galya

The scary part of using agents/bots is the very fact that they are better than us. They are provided to us by someone we trust, in most cases companies, but sometimes they are provided to us by a third party that we are not even aware of. And this is where things get messy.

Magda Ivone Nussbaum

In trying to determine the impact of new media on political campaigning and electioneering, the existing research has tried to examine whether new media supplants conventional media. Television is still the dominant news source, but new media's reach is growing. What is known is that new media has had a significant impact on elections and what began in the 2008 presidential campaign established new standards for how campaigns would be run. Since then, campaigns also have their outreach methods by developing targeted messages for specific audiences that can be reached via different social media platforms.

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