Data for good

Dino Pedreschi, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pisa and co-lead of KDD Lab - Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory, talks about forecasting, crisis response, customization and personal data.

Iuliana Petrescu

In education, using content analytics, machine learning and predictive modeling of longitudinal student records, we are now able to identify similar students based on their pattern of learning, predict performance and learning needs and align specific content and successful teaching techniques with each student to enable their best performance.

Luis Souza

We now have capabilities to mine medical literature, research and electronic health records, and look for improvements in treatments, find personalized therapies, define new healthcare benchmarks and best practices. We are sequencing genomes looking to cure cancer.

Sigmund Gerhard

Both data science and machine learning as a service has its own use and important into various fields but both are based on data that can be gathered, analyzed and applied into predicting certain answers in a specific filed. Data science is simply related with data gathering and analysis while machine learning datasets are the process of feeding data sets for training the machines with the help of certain algorithms as per the requirements.

Nikoleta Stavros

Machine learning algorithms are algorithms that learn (often predictive) models from data. I.e., instead of formulating "rules" manually, a machine learning algorithm will learn the model for you.

Frank Valentine

In response to Claudia Andre Langlois

There were some good examples in the video of when and how Big Data can be used.  Here is an article that details 10 major areas in which big data is currently being used to excellent advantage in practice.

Thank you for the great article Claudia, I learn a lot!

Emīlija Bonomo

Driven by specialized analytics systems and software, as well as high-powered computing systems, big data analytics offers various business benefits, including new revenue opportunities, more effective marketing, better customer service, improved operational efficiency and competitive advantages over rivals.

Branka Pooja Addison

Humans are visual and AI is designed to emulate human brains. Therefore, teaching machines to recognize and categorize images is a crucial part of AI. Image recognition also helps machines to learn (as in machine learning) because the more images that are processed, the better the software gets at recognizing and processing those images. 

Lovro Dzvezdan Lam

Data science is a concept used to tackle big data and includes data cleansing, preparation, and analysis. A data scientist gathers data from multiple sources and applies machine learning, predictive analytics, and sentiment analysis to extract critical information from the collected data sets. They understand data from a business point of view and are able to provide accurate predictions and insights that can be used to power critical business decisions.

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